About CarMountain.com

We Appreciate Your Business!

CarMountain.com is owned and operated by Clay Street Online LLC.

We are a small, family owned business with relatively low overhead. We've invested heavily in this business and will continue to invest and aggressively fund our marketing campaigns.

We also know and appreciate that our customers work hard for their money. We strive every day to EARN your business by providing a service of significant value.

We've made a strategic business decision to charge a modest fee to post ads on our site.
Our objectives in charging this fee are:

  1. Provide seller accountability
    By charging even a modest fee we believe we can weed out many scammers, spammers, and other sellers with less than ideal intentions. Our layered approach to accountability begins with our fee-to-post model.
  2. Keep our site clean and uncluttered

    Every website has expenses that must be paid somehow. We're pretty transparent about how we intend to do that... by charging a modest fee to post an ad. This helps us keep our site free of banner ads, affiliate links, and other content that can distract users from focusing on ads placed by our customers. You can also trust us when we say we won't sell your personal contact information.

    YOU are our real customer... not the banner advertisers!!!

  3. Earn a fair profit
    At the end of the day we're in business to earn a fair profit and to provide for our families. BUT... we know that is only possible if we continue to maintain a healthy respect for our customers and to provide a service of real value. We KNOW our success is tied directly to our customers.
Thank you!

Site Credits

We've developed A LOT of custom code for CarMountain.com. Our core competency at Clay Street Online is software and website development.

However, as a small company we rely heavily on technology and platforms developed by others. It seems only fair to recognize those companies and technologies:

  • Facebook
    CarMountain.com supports "Login with Facebook" allowing users to bypass site specific sign-up. CarMountain also integrates Open Graph tags and the Facebook "Like" and "Share" buttons.
    We sold our first item thanks to the "Share" button!
  • Google App Engine
    The CarMountain.com website is hosted on Google's App Engine Platform-as-a-Service.
  • Mailgun
    Our Anonymous Email System and all CarMountain.com email utilizes the Mailgun email service.
  • Twilio
    Our Anonymous Phone Call System is built on top of Twilio's communication service.
  • Stripe
    Stripe is our preferred credit card processing service. When they say they are developer friendly... they mean it!
  • JQuery
    Our JavaScript depends heavily on JQuery. Can any site survive without JQuery?
  • Twitter Bootstrap
    Our website's CSS styling is based on twitter Bootstrap
  • Twitter
    We tweet a summary of every Ad posted on CarMountain.com.
  • Google Cloud Storage
    All CarMountain.com photos are stored in Google Cloud Storage. We also rely on Google Cloud Storage for data backup.
  • Google Maps API
    Our geo-location capabilities rely on the Google Maps API.
  • Google Analytics
    We utilize Google Analytics to help optimize our site design and our marketing campaigns.
  • GlyphIcons
    Many of our icons are thanks to GlyphIcons.
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